Camp Directors 

Parent Communicator enhances communication between camps and camper families through a completely secure, COPPA compliant, password-protected software product designed for parents. It offers one-way email, photos, photo gifts, and newsletters. Camp Directors have the ability to configure much of the Parent Communicator site to make it fit each camp's unique requirements. Examples include:
  • Using your existing banner logo and colors from your Web site in the Parent Communicator to provide parents with a seamless transition between the sites.

  • Customize messages for registration instructions, new user sign ups, and purchases.

  • Create and maintain your registration access codes that parents need to have in order to register for Parent Communicator.

  • CAMPWISE customers can provide parents a link directly to the camp's online registration system.

  • Configure items specific to each component of the Parent Communicator. You can find more about these items by reviewing the pages for: One-way Email, Photo Central, or Camp News.
  • Computer with Internet access.

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (for site administration).

  • A digital camera (if camps use Photo Central) with a minimum resolution of 2 mega pixels.


  • Camps share in revenue from parent purchases of photos, photo gifts, and email credits.

  • No setup or purchase fees for camps.

  • Camps can decide to pre-purchase credits for distribution to parents as free credits. Rates are dependent on quantity of credits purchased. This is optional and can be used in conjunction with parents purchasing credits.

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